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Joseph Driessen

How to be the Best Teacher or Parent You Can Be

7 Ways to Improve Boys’ Education in your School

An authoritative and comprehensive seminar by a leading educator in boys’ education, giving a wide range of practical advice, illustrated by numerous examples from personal visits to international and NZ Schools.

This seminar has been attended by thousands of teachers and has received much acclaim.

For Teachers of Junior, Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Creating a structured and inspiring learning environment for boys
  • Creating a classroom / school where boys can excel
  • Improving your classroom leadership for boys (& girls)
  • How to create learning conversations and set goals
  • Activating boys’ motivation and engagement
  • Understanding the brain research about boys’ learning needs
  • Why many boys need engagement and adrenaline to learn
  • Improving group morale and work ethic
  • Developing teaching skills for boys
  • What the research says about improving boys’ literacy
  • How to link boys’ leadership to learning
  • Boys need: calmness, fairness, firmness, consequences
  • Understanding the 4 groups of boys in your school
  • Effective student behaviour management for boys
  • Improving your classroom management skills for difficult boys
  • Key teacher skills to develop distressed boy’s emotional and social wellbeing
  • Understanding the journeys boys must make
  • Strategies for autism; ADHD; ODD; CD
  • Your Teacher Action Plan
  • Your School Action Plan

“The Staff feedback was fantastic. One of the best PD’s ever “
Robyn Fletcher, HS College, Wollongong, AU

“Our teachers have been absolutely inspired. thank-you so much for an amazing day”
David Farrell, Ballyclare, Belfast, UK

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