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Joseph Driessen

How to be the Best Teacher or Parent You Can Be


Joseph can arrange the following:                                                  

  • Deliver a workshop for your parent group
  • Give an interactive webinar
  • Provide individual support and mentoring

   You can contact Joseph by email or phone 027 206 2929


Research shows that parents can markedly improve school achievement.

This parents seminar will cover:

  • Good relationships as the key to learning success
  • Creating a good balance between parental support and leadership
  • Establishing household routines which support the learning efforts of your child
  • 5 key ways to help your child improve their literacy skills
  • Homework without stress: What do the best parents do?
  • School success: Your child’s journey towards independent learning


Children thrive when parents provide a balanced parenting style, which provides both a great deal of love and nurturing with the right amount of leadership and expectations.

In this workshop / webinar parents will learn:

  • The advantages of authoritative (Balanced) parenting
  • Why your relationship with your child holds the key to everything
  • Practical steps to improve nurturing your child
  • Key strategies to establish and maintain positive parental leadership
  • How to get your child to want to live up to your family’s expectations
  • Providing positive guidance and discipline without aggression
  • How to get out of the trap being a permissive parent
  • How to change and stop being authoritarian and aggressive


Parenting a difficult child can be trying and exhausting, yet it does need to be so.

In the workshop / webinar you will learn the following:

  • The key reasons for children’s difficult behaviour
  • The parenting skills required which will change children’s behaviour
  • The professional parent I: calm, loving, organised and wise
  • The professional parent II: positive and proactive, fair yet firm
  • Getting out of the reactive punishment trap
  • Learning by doing: helping your child to make up for their mistakes
  • Practising the cycle of 5 Interventions to change your child’s behaviour
  • Red flags needing expert help: ADHD and ODD


For many children divorces / separation can be extremely stressful, but it does not need to be so. Instead wise parents adopt a series of strategies which lessens the harm caused by a divorce / separation, and helps the children to deal with their feelings and new realities.

In the workshop / webinar you will learn:

  • Understanding and managing the powerful emotions of the adults
  • Communicating and sharing with your children
  • Accepting the children’s emotional reactions and manging these
  • Convincing your children that their family has changed but has not gone
  • Setting in place good routines for shared care or parental visitation
  • Steering your family towards a better future


When your child enters the teenage years you need to practise additional parenting skills. Although some parents find this stage difficult, other parents manage it really well, so why not learn from their best practices?

In the workshop / webinar you will learn:

  • Teenager’s journey: Becoming an adult involves risks, losses and rewards
  • Teenagers’ dilemma: More independence, yet also more parental support
  • Understanding the many biological and social demands on the teenager
  • Learning the key skills adopted by successful parents of teenagers
  • Keeping your teenager safe


All children need to develop self-management skills, and many do so successfully. Other children however, seem particularly impulsive, inattentive, distracted and hyperactive. Some of these children could well have ADHD, but this is not always the case.

In this workshop / webinar you will learn:

  • The natural development of self- management skills in every child
  • The environments and parenting approaches which assists self-management
  • Reasons why some children have delayed or impaired self-management skills
  • Differentiating between normal self-management development and ADHD
  • Why improving your parent – child relationships can help your child
  • Improving ADHD without medication and/or with medication
  • The need for expert advice in some cases


Becoming a father is one of the greatest experience in your life. While many fathers naturally grow into the job, some new fathers are uncertain what their role should be and how they can best parent their child. Research shows that having an engaged and nurturing father is one of the greatest assets a child can have, and is associated with a reduced anxiety, better behaviour, better school performance, and a greater likely hood that the child will grow into a good parent themselves

In this workshop / webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of the contributions of a father in the lives of children
  • Unique qualities and contributions which fathers take to their parenting
  • Fundamentals of balanced parenting – providing nurturing and leadership
  • The importance of establishing a good working relationship with your child
  • Providing guidance and setting limits, calmly yet effectively
  • Taking 5 steps to help a child change their attitude as well as their behaviour
  • Working as a team with the other parent of your child
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