Joseph Driessen

BSc TTC MEdAdmin

Leading International Educator and Speaker

Joseph Driessen

How to be the Best Teacher or Parent You Can Be

Early Childhood Education

Understand and Foster Boys’ and Girls’ Early Childhood Development

  • Attachment theory explained
  • Why some boys seem to have less secure attachments
  • Understanding insecure, avoidant and disorganised attachment issues
  • Strategies for attachment formation
  • Catering safely for high energy levels
  • Providing adventure and exploration
  • Some boys’ “flight and fight” reactions
  • Girls’ “tend and befriend” patterns
  • Redirecting physical and social aggression
  • Coaching impluse control
  • The importance of construction play
  • How to channel super hero and heroine play
  • Skills to foster imaginative games
  • Lessons from Danish “Forest” ECE Centres
  • Research from Australian and United Kingdom Early Childhood Education surveys
  • Recent brain development findings

“Joseph gave me great strategies which I could implement the next day!”  Wendy Green, Teacher

“Joseph’s approach is well researched, yet very practical” Shirley McDonald, Director

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