Joseph's address galvanised the audience, and was a highlight of the Conference.  A riveting and compelling exposition

about the learning needs of boys, that made a deep impression on the listeners.

Professor Karl Brisch, Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

Two years after your visit, I am still receiving extensive positive feedback from your Seminar.  It would be wonderful if we could arrange for your return in the future.

Dr Leonard Sax, author of international bestseller 'Boys Adrift', USA

Joseph's seminar has had a lasting and profound impact on our school.

Dr Paul Baker, Ministerial Reference Group, Boys Education, New Zealand

Joseph is an outstanding educator who combined his experience, research and speaking abilities to motivate and extend our teachers.  An absolutely superb day for our Cluster.

Mark Williamson, Dandenong Cluster Coordinator, Victoria, Australia

Joseph's advice and mentoring has been an invaluable and strong influence on my career as a professional school administrator, and I would not be in my current position bar for his influence.

John MacDonnell, Deputy Principal, Cambridge High School, New Zealand

Joseph's Seminars and Parent Evenings are an incredible success every year.

Gerard McHugh, Director, Dublin West Education Centre, Dublin, Ireland

I have listened to many international speakers, and I want to congratulate you on your outstanding ability to connect with your audience.  You are up with the best.

Fergal O'Callahan (parent), Regional Manager, Novartis Internationsl, Dublin, Ireland

Joseph is our top educational speaker.  The positive feedback we get from both teachers and parents is simply outstanding.

James Callaghan, Director, Cork Education Centre, Cork, Ireland

Our Pastoral Care Managers found Joseph's seminar affirming yet challenging.  His understanding of student behaviour management is outstanding, and his ability to communicate his skills in a practical and convincing manner was just excellent.

Craig Steed, Deputy Principal, Freyberg High School,New Zealand

Your address to our staff and senior students was riveting.   Your visit to our College was one of the highlights of the year.

Dr John Morrin, Headmaster, St Malachy College, Belfast, United Kingdom

The impact of Joseph's seminar on my staff has been quite remarkable.  I have had many staff come to me and comment on how motivating and inspiring they found his talk.  Joseph is a truly professional speaker, and his skills and speaking ability make him stand out from other speakers I have had in my school.  I will be strongly recommending him to others.

Brian Haugh, Headmaster, Dunluce School, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK

The Professional Development day with Joseph can only be described as spectacular.  He captivated and inspired our teachers, and demonstrated not only a deep knowledge of his subject, but also a superb presentation and teaching ability.

Craig Dayton, Principal, Sacred Heart College, Hobart, Australia

Our REAP organisation needed a key event to focus the community on the needs of our children, and your visit and workshops with our teachers, parents and youth-workers has far exceeded our expectations.  The feedback we have received has been remarkable, and I will be recommending you to our National Network for a national speaking campaign.

Marie Brannaghan, CEO, R.E.A.P., Waiouru, New Zealand


Thank you for the outstanding PD - I have had so much verbal feedback from both parents and our teaching staff.  One of the many positives was the practical advice to parents, and scenarios that they relate to.

                                                                                                                                            Matt Allen, Assistant Rector

Speaking with genuine passion about motivating and caring for boys and young men, Joseph demonstrated exactly how to do that: he stressed the positive (ie. what we already do right) while gently reminding us that there is always room for improvement.

He is one of the best PD opportunities I have had: non-threatening but affirming, inspiring and challenging.

                                                                                                                                                      Judith Drabble, Teacher

It is empowering and it has affirmed my thinking on this subject. Congratulations on a very good seminar.

Mike Darracot, Principal 

 One of the most worthwhile seminars I have been to. You made lots of sense.

Melissa Kean, Teacher 

 Empowering! I have really enjoyed this seminar, and feel more knowledgeable from this. Thank you.

Linda Clifford, Teacher 

 This seminar has given us an excellent starting point for action within our school.

John Miller, Assistant Principal 

 An excellent, well prepared and thought provoking seminar.

Ray Spence, Assistant Principal 

 A practical classroom based course which enabled me to reflect on school wide practices. Many thanks.

Steve Brown, Principal 

 This seminar should be of use to every school teacher. It is thought provoking, enjoyable and useful for my work.

Rob Taylor, Teacher 

 Joseph has a very entertaining presentation manner!

Heidi Hayward, Teacher 

 Excellent use of slides, and well prepared notes to take away.

Jalana Collie, Teacher 

 A very positive and well informed speaker, who is willing to engage his audience. Congratulations

 on a worthwhile and informative seminar.

Keith Hutton, Deputy Principal 

 Very good, well presented, very practical and useable.

Sherry Woodside, Teacher 

 Don't miss out, or your boys will!

Jo Taylor, Teacher 

 An excellent, succinct and easy to follow seminar.

John Douglas, Deputy Principal 

 Excellent. Provides real benefit and value for all teachers. Very sound common sense ideas.

Lennox Sharp, HOD & Dean 

 An excellent seminar. I enjoyed the insights.

Leslie Eden, HOD 


 Motivational, thought provoking. A very worthwhile course.

Anne Swan, Teacher  


 Don't miss this course!  Thoroughly worthwhile.

Liz Matheson, Teacher