Teacher Seminars


This seminar will help you to develop your teaching, enjoy your classes more, and get better results, by improving your student behaviour management skills.


Joseph Driessen

  • 5 key causes of pupil misbehaviour
  • Changing your own attitude and behaviours
  • Skills for difficult pupils
  • Skills for damaged pupils
  • Why and how to create periods of silence in your class
  • 10 steps in effective pupil interviews
  • Why calmness always wins
  • Why you should avoid "slapping wet bus tickets on limp wrists"
  • The Morale equation
  • How to train yourself to remain cool under pressure
  • Get to know the bosses in your class ad the rackets they run
  • Why you should approach boys and girls differently
  • How to stop conflicts between girls (and their friends) forever
  • Solving boys conflicts in under 3 minutes
  • How to diffuse, divert and engage, and remain sane.
  • Why internal suspensions actually work
  • Colleagues as saviours
  • Daring to remove
  • Attendance without stress
  • The perfect playground
  • Getting parents on your side
  • 4 essentials for middle and senior management
  • Avoid the learning curve and help your staff
  • Dealing with staff who make matters worse
  • Why uniforms matter
  • Coaching senior pupils
  • Natural Justice as a moral compass
  • Effective Schools Win

"The profesional development day with Joseph can only be described as outstanding. He captivated and inspired our teachers, and demonstrated not only a deep knowledge of his subject but also a superb presentation and teaching ability".- Craig Steed, Deputy Principal, Freyberg High School, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Joseph is our top educational speaker. The positive feedback we get from both teachers and parents is simply outstanding."' James Callaghan, Director, Cork Education Centre, Cork, Ireland


Early Childhood Education


" Managing Challenging Behaviours in Early Childhood Education"



An in-depth workshop to help teachers gain and practice the skills needed to manage challenging behaviours in Early Childhood Settings.