Parenting Boys for Success at School

Joseph's popular parent evening has been attended by thousands of parents internationally. It gives parents a deeper understanding of what motivates their sons, and shows them how boys need to be supported in order to become outstanding students.
In the Seminar you will learn:
  • How to activate boys’ motivation
  • Why challenges and goals are so important for boys
  • What boys will read, and why
  • Why boys' learning styles are different
  • How to discover the optimum learning environment for your son
  • How to make homework part of your son’s life
  • How to provide structure to help boys lift their achievement
  • Why boys value efficiency and speed, and how this affects their grades
  • How to inspire boys to reach for high standards
  • Why some boys need help with their organisational skills
  • Why many boys must have energy releases
  • How to provide guidance and discipline for boys
  • Mothers’ mentoring skills for their sons
  • Essential parenting skills for fathers
  • How to strengthen your son’s male identity and self confidence
  • Relationship building with sons - how to do it, and how not to do it
  • How to provide balanced parenting in split families
  • The 5 essential ingredients for happy and successful children in split families
  • What to do if your son is struggling at school
  • 7 sure ways to solve problems at school

Joseph is available to run Parent Evenings for Schools and Organisations - please contact him to discuss this.