Early Childhood Education  
Joseph Driessen
BSc TTC MEdAdmin



Understand and Foster

Boys' and Girls'

Early Childhood Development


A seminar that will help you to understand and foster the differential development of boys and girls, improving your effectiveness as an Early Childhood Educator.

  • Attachment theory explained
  • Why some boys seem to have less secure attachments
  • Understanding insecure, avoidant and disorganised attachment issues
  • Strategies for attachment formation
  • Catering safely for high energy levels
  • Providing adventure and exploration
  • Some boys' "flight and fight" reactions
  • Girls' "tend and befriend" patterns
  • Redirecting physical and social aggression
  • Coaching impluse control
  • The importance of construction play
  • How to channel super hero and heroine play
  • Skills to foster imaginative games
  • Lessons from Danish "Forest" ECE Centres
  • Research from Australian and United Kingdom Early Childhood Education surveys
  • Recent brain development findings

" Joseph gave me great strategies which I could implement the next day!"  Wendy Green, Teacher

"Joseph's approach is well researched, yet very practical" Shirley McDonald, Director