Joseph Driessen
BSc TTC MEdAdmin


Joseph Driessen is the director of Education Answers, an International Educational Consultancy based in New Zealand, specialising in the professional development of teachers and parents.  Joseph focuses his research on international best teaching and parenting practices, and is much in demand as a speaker, facilitator and education consultant.


Joseph gives a variety of educational workshops and seminars to teachers, parents and educational management teams. He is a regular speaker at national and international education conferences, and is frequently engaged by schools and early childhood organisations to give professional development programmes to their staff.


Joseph has a number of education fields he is interested in, including the importance of understanding the learning needs of boys, the importance of the formation of secure attachment relationships by the child with both parents and teachers, the vital importance of fostering best practice teaching skills in the classroom, the development of research based behaviour management skills by both parents and teachers, and the power of equine based therapy for at risk children.


Joseph has been a succesful teacher himself, and has a record of effective and innovative educational leadership and management for over 30 years. He competed his Masters degree focusing on boys' education. He has been awarded a number of research grants, and conducted a major research project for the New Zealand Government investigating the different learning needs of boys and girls. In his consultancy role he has visited numerous schools and ECE centres, both within in New Zealand and internationally, and tries to learn as much as he teaches during each visit.




Joseph’s workshop “ 7 Ways To Improve Boys’ Education At Your School and Early Education Centre ” has been attended by tens of thousands of teachers internationally, and has become a source of inspiration to many schools and early education centres.

Joseph’s popular Parent Evening “'Parenting Boys For Success At School” has been attended by thousands of parents, and has received much acclaim.




This seminar helps teachers to develop their teaching, enjoy their classes more, and achieve better results by improving their student behaviour skills.



Joseph offers his seminar 'Understand and Foster Boys' and Girls' Early Childhood Development' to early childhood educators.  This seminar has a strong emphasis on the importance of secure caregiver attachments for boys and girls.



This seminar is run for both Schools and Early Childhood Education Centres, and covers Educational Leadership and Management Skills necessary to run your school or organisation professionally and successfully.



Joseph's other seminars include:

 These are suitable for all schools - Co-Ed, Boys & Girls, and all age groups.


Joseph is available to run in-school seminars and workshops on the above topics, and will happily tailor workshops to suit your staffs' specific needs. He also offers parent evenings for schools and PTA's.





“ An outstanding seminar which inspired us all.“
John McDonnell
Commissaire President (Cycling)
2002 Commonwealth Games and 2004 World Cup, Manchester.